Algoma Metal Tile

Algoma Metal Tile

Applications: Roofing Panel
The Algoma Metal Tile line provides an elegant look to a home that is unmatched to anything else on the market in terms of fashion and style. It is available in 28 gauge steel. Standard panel width provides 32″ of coverage.

SMP Paint

Algoma Metal Tiles come in five standard textured colours with a 40 year SMP paint system warranty. Other SMP classic colours are available by special order. There is matching trims available.
Trim available in all colours. Actual colour may vary slightly from those shown above.

Why Choose Metal

Peace of Mind

40 year limited warranty.

Increased Property Value

Maintains consistent, attractive appearance over the long haul.

Energy Efficient

Reduces heating and cooling costs.


Metal roofs offer added protection in cases of lightning or forest fires.


High tensile steel provides increased protection from high winds.

Environmentally Friendly Choice

Made from sustainable materials that are 100% recyclable.

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Algoma Metal Tile


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