Wachtel Panel Cutter

The Wachtel Panel Cutter is a game changer for the metal roofing and HVAC industry!

Cuts Metal Roofing, Metal Lath, Gutters, Coil Stock, HVAC and more with ease
It makes:
- Smooth Cuts, No Sparks & Quiet
- No Burrs, Jagged Edges, or Mess

Additional Features:
- Cuts Metal and Composites
- Works with Dewalt Batteries
- Cutting Wheels Made of Tool Steel
- Two Speeds Transmission
- Reverse Switch
- Variable Speed Trigger
- 1-Year Warranty
In stock now at Ontario Metal Products in Dunnville, Ontario

Combo Kit - Wachtel Panel Cutter, 2 AH Lithium Battery, and Charger - $599 CAD

Call 905-658-8300 or email sales@ontariometalproducts.com to place your order

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