What if you could get it on-site faster?

There’s nothing worse than delaying your project because of your supplier. We have a top-notch logistics department which means you can get your material faster and on time. All our orders have a 5 to 7 day turnaround time. That means you can order on a Wednesday and have your product between Monday and Wednesday of the following week!

All our order confirmations also include a confirmed delivery date. We can also provide to-the-hour time windows if required.

We carry quality product.

We carry high tensile metal roofing panels and siding products. All our metal products come with industry standard Bay Coat finish and Weather XL coating system. Our product excels when it comes to grading.

Let’s talk about grading. Steel roofing and siding panels come in several thickness categories. When we receive the panels, we know they are top quality. Our supplier will reject any coil that doesn’t meet our high standards. This ensures a quality high tensile product.

And there’s trim seams. Seams are annoying and completed projects looks better without them. That’s why our custom trims come in double-long 20 ft lengths. Single piece trims save you time and make your buildings look more professional.

On top of our high-quality product, we offer high quality installation. Our team of metal roof and siding installers have the perfect combination of experience and quality. We guarantee that with our high-quality metal and high-quality installation you will be left looking at a work of art.

Our pricing is ~10% better.

We work hard to get you the lowest price possible on quality product. On average our product is 10% better than our competitors.

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We're Here For You!

We want your projects to be a success. When you win, we all win. That’s why we take a couple steps to make sure you’re setup for success.

Order confirmation

There’s nothing worse than getting half way through your project only to find you’re missing a critical piece. That’s why our experienced staff reviews your order and quickly double checks your material list. We’re not just order takers, our people know how our product works out in the field.

We make ordering easy

You’re busy and running to job sites. That’s why we offer online and text message ordering. Text us a picture of your order and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Emergency Orders

Sometimes a critical piece is cut wrong or someone on site damages a sheet. Stuff happens. That’s why we have emergency order availability. If you break something on site, we can get you replacement product in 24 to 48 hours.

Measuring Services

When you’re first starting out, you can’t afford to make expensive mistakes. That’s why we have an in-house measuring service. We’ll come out to measure and we guarantee our quoted product will fit your building. We take the risk, you can double check your estimate against ours and everyone wins.

Looking for Qualified Installer?

We would recommend Ontario Metal Roofers or Ontario Trough Pros or any one of our service providers.

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